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CPFlight plugin for X-Plane

This software brings together the CPFlight hardware panels with X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. While CPFlight provided kind support, the plugin itself was developed independently.

The plugin supports almost all of the CPFlight Boeing 737 panels, while initial support is also provided for the A320 product line.

Support for CPFlight's Boeing 737 panels

The current version is preconfigured for the following aircrafts:

The software runs on Windows (64 bits), OSX (64 bits) and Linux (64 bits) and comes in three variations that support the following sets of CPFlight panels:

  • Basic: MCP737NG-MAX, MCP737MCP737PRO/NG, MCP737PRO2/PRO3 or MCP737EL and two EFISs (EFIS737EL, EFIS737NG or EFIS737MAX)
  • Advanced: MCP737NG-MAX, MCP737MCP737PRO/NG, MCP737PRO2/PRO3 or MCP737EL , two EFISs (EFIS737EL, EFIS737NG or EFIS737MAX), MIP (ICS, ICS2 and SE with optional SIDE, SIDE_FULL, SIXPACK modules), radios (NAV, COM, ATC, ADF, MULTI_VHF and MULTI_NAV), FIRE, TRIM, up to two CDU737s or CDU737PROs, ISFD, ASP1 and ASP2, CARGO FIRE, WEATHER, BRT, CABDOOR, SELCAL.
  • Overhead: This is a separate license that supports the CPFlight OVH737FWD, OVH737NG_FWD,  OVH737AFT and OVH737NG_AFT panels. It does not include support for any other CPFlight module.

Initial support for CPFlight's Airbus 320 panels - on request only

Support for the A320 panels is in an early state. For now, the FCU320, FCU320PRO and up to two A320 EFIS and side panels (EFI320PRO_CPT, EFI320PRO_FO, SIDE320PRO_CP, SIDE320PRO_FO, EFI320_CPT, EFI320_FO, SIDE320_CP, SIDE320_CP) are supported on the Toliss A320.

Please note that you need to download a test version of the plugin if you want to use it with the A320. On request, we will provide you with instructions on how to download this version.


Before purchasing the plugin, please download the installer and try a free 14-day test license

Please check the page at https://www.midwest737simulations.com/store/cpflight-install for detailed installation instructions.

A frequently asked questions page is available here: https://www.midwest737simulations.com/cpflight-plugin-faqs


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