Installation support for CPFlight plugin

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Having problems to install the CPFlight plugin? We can help. This item provides remote assistance and software installation, as well as a full refund if no solution can be found.

Having problems to install the CPFlight plugin? We can help.

Our installation FAQ already offers solutions to the most common questions. If you don't feel sure about the proposed methods, we offer individual remote assistance.

The installation support can be purchased together with the CPFlight plugin or independently for help with installing the demo version. Once the demo version has installed, the full plugin will only require a license upgrade.

We access your computer through a remote assistance software (TeamViewer + Skype preferred) and we'll sort out any problem and install the software. 

If the installation support can't find a solution, we'll fully refund the price of the installation support and the CPFlight plugin (should you already have purchased it).

After purchasing this product, we'll get in touch with you by email as soon as possible. Due to timezone differences (service is provided from Brazil), this may take some hours and we'll need to find a time window that is acceptable for both of us.

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